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Pailao Gateways

Pailao Gateways

Need a traditional gateway for that Oriental garden setting or an Asiatic village? we can help! these Chinese-styled ceremonial arches should be able to add some atmosphere to whatever projects you’re doing, be it an environment or a game setting.
(Click the thumbnails below to see the model from different persectives and to access the wireframe).

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Version 1.0 is not available for free download.


(Rise of Nations)
(TASpring, Unity, Pyrogenesis)
Available textures:
V 1.0 Based off a blend of Chinese and southeast Asian influences.
Poly count: 1,644 faces, 3,666 polys.

Not available for this format.

Core model:

Core model:


 Another similar building of this type can be purchased at a cheap price from CGTrader.

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