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As of June 2015, we provide materials that allow for modifictions of Rise of Nations, but intend to expand the number of items we offer in public later on.

(Rise of Nations)
(TASpring, Unity, Pyrogenesis)
 This is the primary file format for sprites in Rise of Nations. Each .bh3 file is normally supported by an array of .bha files which govern animations, and a .tga file which functions as the textures of said .bh3 file. Collada, ossia il formato .dae viene utilizzata da un gran assortimento di videogiochi, notevolmente quelli codificati con il Unity3d, il TASpring ed il RTS 0AD. The most common gaming model format, Fbx is used in a variety of other games, and is a popular choice for games built on the Unity engine.

Warning: Due to limited resources, we can only offer sprites in legacy fbx format, until further notice. While the legacy version is adequate for use in Unity, successful use in other gaming engines is not guaranteed.

This format, while utilised by a variety of games, is most often utilised by legacy games, especially Total Annihilation.


For “organic” units for Rise of Nations we use custom skeletons and rigs, particularly for infantry. If you need help with configuration for our sprites to get them working properly in your game mod, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.

How do I download a model?

If you wish to download a model, you may either search this site by

If I want to request a model, would you be able to do one for me?

We would be pleased to do so! just contact us in order to discuss the details and conditions of service.

I just downloaded one of your models and I discovered a defect, what should I do?

Don’t panic! just let us know what the issue is and send us as much information on the glitch where possible. We will then amend the issue for you at no extra cost.

I want to build a Rise of Nations mod, but I don’t know how to make your stuff appear in my game. Can you do it for me?

We are able to “assemble” the items into your mod , but we levy a service charge of USD1 per unit sprite inserted.

In  addition, you must provide us the following:

  • the unit_graphics.xml file for your mod;
  • the anim_graphics.xml file for your mod; and
  • the desired RECHARGE rate in ticks.

Coding will take place and will be complete within seven working days upon receipt of BOTH the files and the service charge.

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