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Richelieu-Class Battleship

Richelieu-Class Battleship

The Richelieu class was the largest and last of all 20th century battleships to be constructed by the French Republic. The Richelieu was the lead ship of her class of two battleships, and was unusual in that all of her main turrets were positioned in the forward part of the ships; this was a characteristic inherited from the Dunkerque-class battleship design which she was developed upon.

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.blend (Rise of Nations) .dae (Spring3d, Unity, Pyrogenesis) .fbx (Unity) .BH3 (Rise of Nations)
v 1.0

Poly count: 432 faces, 866 polys.

Core model:

Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending) Core model:

  • MegaSync

Animations: (pending)

Core model:

  • DropBox


  • MegaSync

Animation type: dummy/bone, with attack animations calibrated for 50 ticks in RoN.

RoN-based information:

  • ammo nodes 0-2 for emission of shells
  • capable of using vanilla .bha animation files for file superbattleship.bh3


.tga .png .dds
v 1.0Texture credits: Beelim Solutions Ltd/Bhd For use with v1.0. BH3-based:

Non-BH3 based: (pending)

BH3-based: n/a Non-BH3 based: (pending) BH3-based: (pending) Non-BH3 based: (pending)

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