Paddle ships

20 Mar
Paddle ships

The use of wheel paddles in China originates from the Middle Ages, when large vessels were needed for navigating China’s substantial riparian environment. These ships, like many others around the world, were built with two different types of propulsion: they could either use sails when the wind was good, or resort to the use of paddle wheels operated by marines on board using a treadmill. The fact that the Chinese even tried to fend off British marine forces during the Opium Wars with these vessels attests to the viability and utility of their design.

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.BH3 (Rise of Nations) .dae (Spring3d, Unity, Pyrogenesis) .fbx (Unity) .s3o (Spring3d)
V 1.0img_2629 - Copy
Roofed superstructure with two double battens, 6 pairs of paddle wheels.
Poly count: 557 faces, 952 tris.
Core model:

  • N/a


  • N/a
Core model: (pending)

TA Spring-optimised model:

Animations: (pending)

Core model:

  • DropBox
  • MegaSync

Animations: (pending)

Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending)


.tga .png .dds
Simple Asian-style timber
Resolution: 256x
Texture credits: Beelim Solutions Ltd/Bhd
For use with v1.0a, v1.0b and v1.0c. BH3-based:

  • n/a

Non-BH3 based: (pending)


Non-BH3 based: (pending)

BH3-based: (pending) Non-BH3 based: (pending)

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