Austin-Putilovets armoured car

18 Jul
Austin-Putilovets armoured car

As featured on the “Age of Darkness” mod for Rise of Nations!

British-designed, and jointly manufactured with the Russian Empire during the First World War, the Austin armoured car was one of the many British-produced attack vehicles meant to be used for recon and skirmish tasks, but didn’t achieve as great a reputation as the Rolls-Royce M1914 due to it being substantially slower and harder to handle. Nevertheless, it was judged to meet requirements and was produced in Russia as the Austin-Putilovets, where it was used by both sides in the Russian Civil War.

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.BH3 (Rise of Nations) .dae (Spring3d, Unity, Pyrogenesis) .fbx (Unity) .s3o (Spring3d)

V 1.0a


Austin M1918 “female” with diametrically placed turrets.

Poly count: 289 faces, 650 polys.

Core model:


Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending) Core model:

Animations: (pending)

Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending)

V 1.0b


Austin-Putilovets “male”, with diagonally placed turrets.

Poly count: 289 faces, 650 polys.

Core model:


Same as for v1.0a

Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending) Core model:

Animations: (pending)

Core model: (pending) Animations: (pending)

Animation type: dummy, with attack animations calibrated for 50 ticks in RoN.

RoN-based information:

  • ammo nodes 0-1 for emission of shells
  • smoke nodes 0-1, for forward blast of weapon
  • pivot node 0 for co-ordination of turret
  • pivot node 1 for co-ordination of turret


.tga .png .dds
v 1.0

Texture credits: Beelim Solutions Ltd/Bhd

For use with v1.0a and v1.0b. BH3-based:

Non-BH3 based: (pending)

BH3-based: n/a Non-BH3 based: (pending) BH3-based: (pending) Non-BH3 based: (pending)

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